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I'll Do Anything

Wag the Dog

Starsky & Hutch

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My Cousin Vinny

The Royal Tenenbaums

Bob and Margaret

The Tale of 2 Dentists

Bean  The Movie

Marvin's Room

Golden Age of Comedy

Deconstructing Harry

Saturday Night Live

The Best of Adam Sandler

       Austin Powers  

The Spy who Shagged Me

Baby Geniuses

Austin Powers Goldmember

Steel Magnolias

Muriel's Wedding

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Exciting Escapades of Mr. Bean

Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall

Swim Team

The Lemon Sisters

Meet the Parents

The First Wives Club

The Tom Green Show  

Something Smells Funny

Down Periscope

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Perilous Pursuits of Mr. Bean

The Love Letter

Saturday Night Live 25

(double set)

The Best of Saturday Night Live


Hollywood Ending

The Best of Comic Relief '90

Apre's Vous

Ellen DeGeneres  The Beginning

Saturday Night Live  Lily Tomlin