World History Textbooks

World History From 1500

by J. Michael Allen & James B. Allen

Harper Collins 1993

softcover, 472 pages   

no writing or highlighting

our price: $4.95  plus media mail shipping

Western Civilization From 1500

by Walter Kirchner

Harper Collins 1991

softcover, 375 pages

no writing or highlighting

our price: $4.95  plus media mail shipping

Timelines Cities - Citizens and Civilizations

by Fiona Macdonald

Franklin Watts, 1992

hardcover,  48 pages

like new condition

pages are clean and intact

$5.95 plus media mail shipping

Posters on 20th Century World Leaders

By Christobel Cordell and James P. McGough

  1. J.Weston Walch Publisher, 1968

Vintage set of eighteen 11” x 14” posters - excellent condition

former high school library holding

(some of the posters show tiny holes from where they must

have been displayed with thumb tacks)

Descriptions are found on each poster.

Posters included in set:  Haile Selassie, Nikolai Lenin, Josef Stalin, Sun Yat-sen, Mao Tse-tung, Woodrow Wilson, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle, Dag Hammarskjold, Pope John XXIII, Jawaharlal Nehru, David Ben-Gurion, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Sir Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro.

$14.95 plus media mail shipping

Japan’s Quiet Transformation - Social Change and Civil Society in the 21st Century

by Jeff Kingston

Routledge Curzon, 2004

softcover, 358 pages   

some underlining, just a few highlighted areas,

otherwise good

our price: $6.95  plus media mail shipping

Our World

by Grace S.Dawson with Ernest W.Tiegs and Fay Adams

Ginn and Company, 1979

hardcover, 456 pages

poor condition - corners are bumped

no underlining or notes in the book

former school textbook

front and back inside covers - dirty

our price:   $1.95 plus media mail shipping

The Golden History of the World - A Child’s Introduction to Ancient and Modern Times

A Giant Golden Book

by Jane Werner Watson

Golden Press, 1955

vintage  hardcover,  156 pages

cover shows some wear with bumped corners and

spine and hinges have been taped so outwardly

it does not impress but all pages are intact - wonderful color illustrations - no markings or underlining -

$9.95 plus media mail shipping

Building the Modern World

by Jerome R. Reich, Mark M. Krug, Edward L. Biller

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972

hardcover, 816 pages

no writing in book, pages are clean

corners of book are bumped

scribbling on underside of book

our price:   $3.95 plus media mail shipping

A History of the Western World - 1715 to the Present - Second Edition

by several authors

D.C. Heath and Company, 1969

vintage cloth hardcover, 1412 pages plus 28 index pages, no dust jacket, used book store stamp

writing and underlining throughout book

some light staining on some pages in index

acceptable reading copy - pages are intact

our price:   $3.95 plus media mail shipping

1,000 Great Events Through The Ages

by Brenda Ralph Lewis, Philip Steele, Lynne Williams

Hamlyn Publishing Group, 1988

hardcover,  351 pages

like new condition

pages are crisp, clean and intact and no markings

$15.95 plus media mail shipping

The Pageant of World History

by Gerald Leinwand

Allyn & Bacon, Inc., 1986

hardcover, 752 pages, poor condition

former school textbook - used condition but

acceptable reading copy

corners are bumped and chip out of top of spine as shown in photo - all pages are intact

no writing on interior pages but inside the

front and back cover there is writing as well

as on the edges of top, side, bottom of book

our price:   $2.50 plus media mail shipping

A History of Civilization - Second Edition - Vol. 2 - 1715 to the Present

by Crane Brinton, John B. Christopher, Robert Lee Wolff

Prentice-Hall, 1960

former owner’s name on title page

hardcover, 240 pages - webbing of hinges can be seen

some underlining and notes - otherwise good

our price:   $3.50 plus media mail shipping

Barron’s Regents Exams and Answers - World History

by Michael Glassman, Paul Becker, 1968

Barron’s Educational Series

vintage paperback, worn cover

pages are browned due to age

pencil markings in book


$1.95 plus media mail shipping

World Atlas - Hammond Family Reference

Doubleday & Company, 1970

vintage hardcover - great resource for learning

about the state of the world 45 years ago

267 pages

pages are in good condition - no notes or markings

dustjacket shows wear

our price:   $2.95 plus media mail shipping

Ancient Times - A History of the Early World

by James Henry Breasted, Ph. D.

Ginn and Company, 1916,

antique hardcover - 742 pages

markings inside cover and on a few pages

pages 261-264 have separated from the book

39 maps, 275 text illus, - 8 color plates

our price:   $6.95 plus media mail shipping